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One of the biggest challenges young investors face is overcoming the first 5-10 years of investing, which can be fraught with error and trial. This can have a significant impact on their returns and waste their time.


If you are a first-time investor who wants to start smart and avoid wasting time, you are in the right place. I can help you build a sound investment model and guide you through the initial investing process.


What to expect: 

This service includes two one-hour meetings. During the first meeting, I will learn about your financial situation, goals, and dreams. In the second meeting, I will present you with a customized proposal tailored to your unique needs.


This Service is for you, if you are:

- New to investing and don't currently have an investment account

- Want to start investing on the right track with the guidance of a professional.


I will personally help you to:

- Identify Your Risk Tolerance and Financial Goals

- Build a Portfolio to Reach Your Goals


You will get:

- Comprehensive Investment Proposal

- Trading Recommendations

- A 6-Month Check-In

- A 6-Month Access to Expert Guidance

- Helpful Resources & Materials


How Does It Work: I will build a targeted and intentional portfolio tailored to your risk tolerance, age and the investment amount. I will explain to you how I selected investments so you have a full understanding of what you are invested in and why.


I won't monitor the external account/accounts.


During the first 6 months, I will communicate with you via email any significant changes to the positions in your portfolio based on the economic environment, educate you on the market activity, how to read the news, how to stay on top of the companies you are invested in etc.


I will check in with you again after 6 months to review your portfolio's progress and make any necessary adjustments based on the economic environment and the health of the positions.


After that our relationship ends and you get to take care of your portfolio on your own.

First-Time Investor Package

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